Hi!, My name is Alana, I'm the owner of Bella Donna Weddings & Events and I am super excited to be a part of the New Jersey Wedding & Event Center alongside Brian Delia Photography and Mystical Entertainment..

I've been wanting to do a blog for long time and I'm so happy that I'm finally getting around to doing one. Each week you can check in with me to see what's new. I'm going to be talking wedding do's and don'ts , current trends, tips for staying on budget and much more! We are now kicking off the Fall Wedding season and its never too early to start planning and booking your vendors.

We are here to help so send us your questions! We offer a free 90 minute introductory consultation simply go to belladonnaweddings.com and book yours today!

Please check out our very first Facebook live video that Bella Donna did with Brielle from Brian Delia Photography & Mike from Mystical Entertainment. Also keep a look out for a date on our first podcast!

xx Alana

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