This Seasons Wedding Trends

As the Fall approaches and you are adding final touches to your wedding or starting to plan for Fall 2018, I wanted to let you in on the top trends. Bold fonts, Naked cakes, candy apples and a lot of other fall favorites are helping to make your wedding unique and memorable!

Fall Color Palettes

Fall in love with these colors.

(Jewel Tones, Plum/Raspberry & Frosted Pastels and Metallic)

It seems as if plums and burgundies are capturing the hearts of brides this fall season. Along with these jewel tone color favorites are the trendy pastels which we have seen around for quite some time now however they are still going strong for this Fall season but with a twist. The blues are dustier with gray hues and the pinks are more on the mauve side. We are also seeing a spike in metallic, specifically copper and rose gold. I for one am super excited to see the darker colors back as well as see a new take on pastels. It isn’t too often that you see people step outside of the box and I’m hoping to get a few people to branch out and explore these new options for their upcoming wedding. I feel some of the colors, especially the blushes are becoming a bit repetitive and I think it’s time for some sprucing! See below for some images of color trends that I’m loving right now.

Let’s Get Naked & Talk Cakes...

Take off the layers of icing and fondant and you are left with ... a naked cake. Couples are opting for these clean looking cakes with barely there icing, fruit (berries) , flowers , caramel and ganache drizzle. It seems as if the classic wedding cakes are going out the door for a while thanks to this new craze. However, if you are that couple that enjoys your icing you might not be too fond of this new trend. I personally love the way these cakes look and let’s be honest, who really likes the taste of fondant?

Pour some glitter on me & my envelopes.

We are noticing a big step up in the invitation game this season. Fancy script, bold calligraphy, watercolors, rustic detail like lace and burlap, multicolored florals, metallic foils and glittery envelope liners are what is jumping out to us. There are so many options when it comes to choosing invitations it can certainly get overwhelming. It is best to sit down with your invitation specialist and discuss what exactly you are looking for so they can narrow it down and make the process easier for you. I’ve posted some images below of some invitations and calligraphy that I’m totally crushing on this season.

Bartender, Can I have another … Donut?

I think this is my favorite trend this wedding season because who doesn’t love desserts?! Couples are going for these fun, personalized additions to end their reception with a flavorful bang. Gourmet coffee stands, mini pie's , s’mores stations, candy apple bars and donut stations to name a few. Obviously, these options aren’t available at all wedding venues. You would need to check with your venue and see what your options are or if you could possibly bring in an outside vendor for a specialty station of your choice. (Warning: Do not look below if you are hungry and/or dieting)

You can make any of these fun trends your own. Remember, its your day and you can do whatever you like. Untill next time...

Happy planning!

xx- Alana

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